Yiting Dong post 1 week3

By reading the reading about Chinese men’s magazines, I felt so familiar. As an international student from China, I really can feel the difference between China and foreigner countries of the development men’s magazine. In the development of China’s fashion magazine 10 years, it has been present an imbalance phenomenon. Women’s fashion magazines unify the whole country, and men’s magazine has been living in the shadow of the women’s magazine.

Compare to the foreign men’s magazine, which bold out-of sexuality. China’s men’s magazine inside collects a lot of. Although china’s men’s magazine thought their purpose is to the reduced pressure for men. However, they don’t understand the Chinese male need, what do they actually want. Therefore, when these magazines on talking to man about how should you success, what is the standard of success, how successful should enjoy, Chinese man began to feel bored. They need a magazine that can knock them inert and make up the mind.

In a foreign country, especially for the men of fashion magazine, exercise and sex is indispensable two parts. The concentration of sexuality content is a quite good choice. Foreign men’s magazine in sexual expression is more directly than women. And, sexuality is important parts of the male fashion magazine content that can still survival. In China, according to the relevant provisions, the human body of medical knowledge and knowledge of sex education popularity of the works are not the content of the premise can arrange for publishing. This is always a sensitive area. It might because Chinese still have the traditional thought on these things. That is also one of the reasons why China’s men’s magazine cannot develop quite well. The media market for the men’s magazine is still undesirability.


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