Anqi Wu z3325285 Reading Journal 1

The main idea about the “Metrosexual” phenomenon was brought up since 1994. Metrosexual represents the type of the young men who like to spend lots of money on fashion.  The Chinese (mainland) men’s magazines used the term and translated to Chinese; spread the idea to appeal this type of men in 2003. As a new social phenomenon, the Academics had not looked into the detail, however, they did some researches base on the editorials which not quite showed the personal opinions but the magazine’s needs. Even the editorials were usually “hypocritical,” they still provided a good beginning for the study, since the editorials were supported by the evidences that from the “interviews with various practitioners in the field.”

      It was not so easy to translate “Metrosexual” into Chinese. The name was directly translated to “metropolitan jade male” which might bring the homosexual feeling for the readers. Then, a men’s fashion magazine editor tried different names and finally decided to use “Mr. Fashion” in order to made it less controversial and stay in the market.

      The different editors had the vary ideas to define a metrosexual. One MENBOX’s editor would like to describe them as a “model man” who does not need to have a pretty face but must with a special style. They have the specific and intense interest of something, like wines, sports, food, etc. In addition, they spend lots of time to research what they like and have high requirement of it. Another editor in the same magazine, by contrast, would like to call a metrosexual as “new age metropolitan quality male” which sounded more “homosocial.” By this definition, the men would tend to delicate themselves and try to look healthy for the reason that to win more chances in urban life. The needs of this kind of men brought many men’s beauty or healthy products into the market. Even though the sexual identity issue is a controversial topic in China, under the requirement of economic development, the metrosexual idea was wildly spread in the society.  

      The desire of a man who wants to be beauty and healthy is come from so call “animal instinct” as well. They want to attract people’s eyes and increase the competition. The historical factor also plays an important role in metrosexual.  The success of the movement for women’s rights opened people’s mind, and leaded men to be more feminine than before. Plus, the ornaments can show the social position of a man, so the change of men is reasonable.

      The “metrosexual” label includes both consumption and sexuality aspects, but the marketing factor was occupied the main position that the people try to ignore the worry about sexuality problems. The men’s magazines in mainland China explained the term “metrosexual” in the different ways, compare to the original “metropolitan jade male”, they would be more acceptable for the public and the magazines can focus on their target market. It is not complete for the study of metrosexual, because the magazines are focus on the consumption too much, anyhow, the professional people supplied the study.

      Now, the studies of metrosexual is developing and with the multi-media, the topic were discussed much more than before in contemporary China.



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