Wei Jiang— Reading Journal 1

From reading the interesting document of India visual culture, knowing that like few other Asian countries, as China and North Korea, in India, the government controls and owns the television, thus created a special Indian television system that called Doordarshan.

Initially, Indian television was the educational medium tool from early 1950s for school student and farmers basically. With the improving on technology, television medium came into vibrant life during the Asian Olympics in New Delhi of 1982, the game been transmitted colorfully to every corners of India.

The term of Doordarshanmeans distant vision, which provides the image of Indian culture. There are two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, including Mahabharata and Ramayana. Mahabharata is the longest Sanskrit epic in India, once it been showed on television it became to the well-known ‘religious soap opera’, the primary effect of serialization based on put Mahabharata on television of Doordarshan was bring the famous story to the audience every week, which contains much philosophical material. In addition, one of the important functions of Doordarshan was spreading didactics in India, however it no longer only take the role since the stories came alive, and the actors from Mahabharata became welcoming icons at that time in India, Mahabharata attracted millions of Indian be home every Sunday. Furthermore, it could be said another significant of serialization was to connect a repetitive starting and closing parts to episode.

Moreover, the word “Mahavharat’ been repeated three times on television, the word also appeared on the screen by three different languages. Firstly, in Hindi then in English, finally in Urdu. From that point, it highlighted two primary religions in India, which are Hinduism and Islam. Furthermore, it also illustrated the English been used and understood among the majority party in India.

Among the above, the visual text bring the color, sound, action to people, which gave Mahabharata a new life to show the well-known Indian epics not only to India but also to the whole world, as well as bring the special Indian national’s image to the world, which gives others the basic image of how India looks like, what is the India epics. Therefore, that raised a interesting issue, ‘in which way helps people understand the issue better by visual text like movies or written text such as books?’ It should be said depends, visual text would catch watcher attention quicker than the words, also could help to understand Indian epics by watching the actors body languages and spoken languages. However, the written texts bring the detail to reader, which leaves the space of thinking to readers.

Finally, as we know, people always get news and information by watch television. Based on the state-controlled and state-owned television system in India, the same as in North Korea, citizen could only get the information which the government provides to them, thus which would influence of people’s thinking. Thus, from my side, that the government policy would be the major source influencing the country’s citizens. As lies Mahabharata on television, provides Sanskrit epics of ancient India to the audience.


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