Zhengzhen Ma – Reading Journal 1

The term “metrosexual” is referred as a straight man with an interest in fashion and beauty-care products. Thus they spend lots of time on appearance and lifestyle. Metrosexual significantly changed the original view of men, from muscle and cold men to beauty and handsome men. The editor of Men’s Style thought ‘sulky gentry’ (menshi) is a better description of metrosexual than ‘metropolitan jade male’ (dushi yunan) as it not only implied they lack masculine strength, but also combined sense of individuality and taste. Furthermore, a range of men’s lifestyle magazines influences concepts of manhood in consumer society and represent the demands of middle class.

 Causes of merosexual

There are a few underlying causes behind the metrosexual trend. In current knowledge-based economic society, physical strength is not the dominant requirement for society. Mental work can create social value and the value it creates far more than physical labor. Therefore, masculinity is no longer the only male pursuit of the target, men can have more choices and build their own image. On the other hand, the economic status of women improved greatly and equality in the economic dependence on men reduced grandly. Thus, metrosexual trend is a reflection of the socio-economic progress in gender culture.

 Metrosexaual model

David Beckham can be seen as metrosexual. He has redefined male style with his fashion-forward outfits and skin art. David Beckham never seems to wear the same cloth twice, and always varnish his nails and changes hair style once a week. Although these are feminized actions, his sport prowess and personal ability have made him the most powerful and desired metrosexual man in the world.

Metrosextual trend

In recent years, the awareness of male consumption has entered into China, especially the past two years. Many international brands of male clothes, men’s cosmetics brands continue to enter the large shopping malls. More and more men care about hairdress and skin. Some men even do the facial mask every week. This phenomenon is good to economic growth as it increases male consumption. In my point of view, the misunderstanding of metrosexual consumption is created by both media and consumers. The taste, consumption ability and goals are not the same to each person. Therefore, some people are purely conspicuous purchase. No matter it is perfume, cloth, watch or something else, consumers can only enjoy the use of products when they understand its quality and their real needs.

Real metrosetual

​​Pursuit of appearance, lifestyle and good taste should be in different aspects, shopping is not as important as what they said. Young boys should do exercise to keep fit and dress clean and tidy clothes properly. If they always read fashion magazine and know everything about fashion elements and what sells well in what season, they tend to be feminized as these things are not the main focus on man. Thus, to be a real metrosextual, it is necessary to enhance self-cultivation and live in a healthy lifestyle. This is much more important than caring appearance strongly through spending a lot of time and money. Beauty appearance with intelligent is the highest level of metrosexual in modern society. 


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