Lingbo Li, Post 2

the following discussion is about ethnic minority culture from my own knowledge as I am part of ethnic Han.

China is a big multi-ethnic state which is officially composed of 56 ethnic groups ,contain 55 minorities plus the dominant Han. These minorities inhabit approximately 60 precent of Chinese territory, often in the strategically more important or sensitive areas along the borders. Since they live along from the city, they created a unique culture and life style, Including words, spelling, clothes, music, art ,dance and also the food. Of course these area are famous with lots of scenic spots. The most famous one is Zhangjiajie’s Stone Forest. Zhangjiajie’s Rock Column Forest claim to be the model behind the striking hanging mountain scenery in the movie Avatar and have been getting a lot of attention as a result.

However , the way they live in han people’s eyes is kind of getting behind, they don’t have any advanced technology to develop those area. That’s because they live around mountains or trees, the inconvenient traffic unable to transfer useful goods into their life. They stop contacting people from outside ,so they can’t get the news lately. But they still live happily from one generation to one generation.

Cause the slow development , children’s education are a big problem, they used to teach students about their culture , it’s important to let them know there’s a big world outside waiting for them to find out. Along with the government great support the minority area’s education in recent years as well as the popularization of nine-year compulsory education system. More and more people from the ethnic minority areas find a way to learn science and culture knowledge .however there still a lot of place far from city where they have difficulty to find an effective solution.

No matter what, minority people and han people all belong to china, they help each other to live a better life.


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