Yiting Dong – post 2

In China there are many different ethnic groups, I am from Han group and there are 56 nationalities were listed. Actually, most Chinese, do not know much about most of the minority. Such as their culture, their dressing, even the name of the ethnic groups.

The education and the development of technology in minority areas are relatively backward. It’s all below the national average. In recent years, along with the increase of minority area education investment and implementation of free compulsory education, the population of illiteracy in minority has dropped, but illiteracy ratio is still higher than the national average condition and didn’t get fundamental change.

Each minority has different culture and they all exist in the poor place. In recent years, the government starts attach importance to the protection of the minority cultural and provide some benefits for the minority on the education and works. Such as, the minority students can get extra marks for the college entrance examination, which can encourage them to improve their education level. Because of some market factors or other modern media has influence of the ethnic areas deeply, the minority nationality cultural resources continuous erosion and many important minority non-material cultural heritage became lack and face to be lost.

However, I thought the cultural of minority is still hard for most of the Chinese to understand and they are still hard to involve into the society. Most of them are still in the poverty stage and face the problem of survival. Therefore, in the development of compulsory education in ethnic regions, it is necessary to set up a subsidy system for poverty stricken students according to their needs and ethnic characteristics.The government still need to help them to develop in different ways that they can spread their cultural to all the people and keep survival in the better way.


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