Bingjie Xu–Post 1

There are many different ethnic groups in China. The Han nationality is the biggest group with the most of people and the widest area. There still are another 56 ethnic minorities exist. They are located throughout the mainland of China, most of them living in the mountain area, forest or grasslands.

The ethnic minorities in China have many features which are different from Han nationality, such as different culture, dressing and custom. Most people from ethnic minority like singing and dancing, and they are actually very good at them. Moreover, they have many special festivals, such as the Water-Sprinkling Festival, and different ethnic minorities own their unique festivals. At festival, they wear ethnic clothes which can represent themselves, celebrating festival together and perform some shows.

Furthermore, in terms of technology development, the ethnic minorities in China are relatively lagged behind. Because most of them are living in the relatively poor and remote area, they can’t know some latest technology, and also due to their poor life environment, many technologies cannot be applied. However, Chinese government have proposed and implemented some practical policy to help minority to improve their living standards. Government provide enough money, many kinds of food and clothes to assist them, as well as send out some technicians to help them to build up technology system, in order to provide a more convenient living environment. Chinese government also construct many infrastructures and buildings for minority people.

In addition, the education in minority area is also backward. Many children and teenagers don’t go to school, even not many teachers there. In order to improve their education condition and encourage their study positivity, Chinese government offer some good teachers, stationary and textbooks to students. Since the policy of improving ethnic minorities’ education presented, many well-educated graduates are willing to work as teachers in these poor and remote area without any payment, they want to contribute their own effort to the education improvement. Additionally, government has issued a policy of adding extra marks to the results of high school entry exam and university entry exam of minority students, so as to encourage their positivity for study and motivate them fight for a better life.

Overall, the policies provided by the Chinese government effectively support ethnic minorities’ life and education, and these good impacts will continue.


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