Jeremy Leung Post 1


I think the topic this week on masculinity in Asian pop culture is very interesting as I myself have noticed the change over the past years as I have followed various different Korean Pop groups. As mentioned in the presentation during class it is very clear that the male bands in Korea have gone through many different phases over the past years. I first found out about Korean music in high school and now looking back at the music videos of the songs which I used to enjoy it is very clear how the masculinity of the artists have developed.

Another topic which I have come across in the past years which relates to the content of this week is the emasculation of Asian men in the US media. I guess you can conclude that this trend doesn’t just apply to US media but also in Asia as well.

Lastly the table in the lecture slide does a great job of highlighting the ideal attributes of masculinity from an Asian male perspective and I am not surprised by the findings. The large emphasis on having a job as well as having lots of money contrasted to the low priority of having a manly image and being attractive clearly outlines the differences of masculinity in Asia.


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