Xudong Chen z3325439 Reading Journal 2

New youth cultures and sexualities 


Audrey Yue & Haiqing Yu discusses that Super Girl Li Yuchun won singing contest and voted by Time Asia magazine due to androgyny and examines Li functions as a critical site for the expression of new youth cultures and sexualities. In my opinion, Li’s success does not depend on her voice (Yue & Yu, p.122), but comes from her personality and the public recognition of androgyny.


Li performed well with good psychological quality during the competition. Her gestures had conquered the tens of millions of Chinese young people, especially the public who were voting. And the shock can compare to Elvis Presley’s individual charm in 50 years ago. Li is self-confidence and not pretending to be shy. A lot of female singers do not have those qualities. Female masculinity makes her beyond sexualities. Younger girls would take her as friends of the opposite sex, while elder ladies make her as other themselves. Adult men regard her as brothers, while male teenagers take her as beautiful woman. So her fans include grandmothers, adult men, and young female teenagers (Yue & Yu, p.117). She thought it was a pressure and encouragement as she was voted by Time Asia magazine, and she put this pressure rapidly to convert power. Li concerns and involves in philanthropy since the debut, so that her image stands for fashion teen idols and love and kindness person. All these are reasons why she is recognized by publish, especially by young people and she is regarded as a critical site for the expression of new youth cultures.


Androgyny is accepted by more and more people. Ignore gender awareness and break the factors which are tied by gender in order to eliminate concepts of “a man should do and a woman should not do “. It is the repositioning of healthy living to a certain extent. Androgyny girls or boys tend to be more popular in China. It was suggested that the society should be gender-free long time ago. Li has ushered in the “era of androgyny” in Chinese popular culture (Yue & Yu, p.117). She conquered the countless girls with clean, cool, bright image and masculinity dress. A group girl began to be concerned by special populations after Li. These androgyny girls have high popularity and their fans. Yang Yang in Taiwan and SEVEN in Shanghai belong to their circle of stars. They dump a lot of young people with charming androgyny. “Super Girl” and Li concentrated feminist expression and reflection of the plight and the ideal of modern women. Girls do not like to be educated and be protected as times have changed. They want equal personality and common preferences and their ideal are strong, independent, self-awareness and overbearing.


The recognition of androgyny is social progress. Li is a critical site for the expression of new youth cultures and sexualities with their own advantages and this trend. However, this is a very difficult road for young women in China to the pursuit of androgyny. Just as the authors said they have a long way to go in order to enjoy a space of their own based on their own grassroots democracy. (Yue & Yu, p.131)




Audrey Yue & Haiqing Yu, China’s Super Girl: Mobile youth cultures and new sexualities.


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