Wei Jiang— Post 1

There were some significant periods of Chinese Contemporary Art.  During Socialist realism in China, there was a famous man called Zedong Mao, who was the chairman of China. At that period, Mr. Mao was the spirit of Chinese, he leading the people fight with Japan, and won the war, then he became to the Chairman of the People’s republic of China. It can be said that Mao leading Chinese step into a new generation. Therefore, during that period, Mao was the hero of China, the contemporary art showing Mao leading each Chinese connect together as a large family for fighting, learning, celebreating.

Moreover, at 1979, it was the beginning of Chinese Contemporary Art established by Deng’s open door policy. In addition, during 1980s, a most experimental period of Chinese Contemporary Art because the western ideas dissolved in, it was also a very colorful period. The Chinese artists started contact with the western culture, the western ideas and combined with Chinese traditional art, thus a new Chinese Contemporary Art been created.

The next imporatnt period would began with 2000,  the Chinese government became a new member adding into, itself takes a different look of the contemporary art during the experimental period. The Chinese contemporary art continues developing depends on the different time period.



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