Bingjie Xu– Post 2

This week, we have learned about Chinese contemporary arts. As most people known, Chairman Mao is the greatest person in China. Before he established the People’s Republic of China in 1949, there are many revolutions occurred in China. The Chinese army under the leadership of Mao flighted against Japanese lasting for eight years. After defeating external enemies, in order to obtain the leadership and greatest power of China, the internal war happened between two parties. It ended up with the victory of the Communist Party. Therefore, most of arts produced during this age were about revolutions, and Mao’s spirit is the core of the arts during revolution stage, his spirit encourage the Chinese people go forward constantly.

However, I heard some western people think the impact of Mao is relatively negative. They think he make Chinese people not only respect him, but watch him. He control people’s mind and actions, even one sentence from him, can make the things change. He has the supreme power in China, which is against democracy and equality. Cultural Revolution is always to be an example or evidence to support some western people’s opinions. But in my opinions, as a Chinese, there is no doubt that Chairman Mao is the greatest person in China. Even though he had made some mistakes when he was old, we need to know Chairman Mao is the leader of china, but he is still a normal person, everyone could make mistakes during lifetime, including Chairman Mao. I know ten years Cultural Revolution brought some negative impact on China, Chinese, even treated some good persons unjustly, but there still is a fact we must remember, which is if no Chairman Mao, no new China. Based on his right and practical strategies, he lead Chinese people move towards to a new China. That’s why Chinese, especially last generations respect Chairman Mao very much, because he save their life and bring them a better life.

As everyone known, China is a country with huge population. Maybe the other countries can’t imagine how hard to manage such a big country. We must apply the strategies and policies which are suit for our national conditions, even though these may cause some differences with other countries’ view. I think there is no right or wrong over the country issues. Every country needs to apply suitable and feasible strategies and policies to make their country better, and try their best to provide people a better life.


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