Jeremy Leung Post 2

This weeks presentation topic on Chinese sexual culture provided some interesting unknown facts which i previously didnt know about the Chinese culture whilst also reinforcing existing experiences which i have encountered.

Little did i know that currently there are actually more sex shops in China that in the western world and that the sex toy industry is in fact a $2 billion a year industry. This is a staggeringly high figure and something which i previously didnt know at all.

I also did not know about the presence of the Super Girl tv show and the repercussions such shows have had on the Chinese female culture. The concept of “mobile sexuality” and the ability for females in China to essentially chose what gender they want to be gives sexuality and gender a dynamic aspect that i previously would not have understood. This has mainly come about due to the portrayal of females in the media such as through the Super Girl tv show.

Lastly one aspect i did already know about was the popularity of online simulation games. I have previously heard a lot about these games where people essentially live out an alternate life and get married with another virtual character to start a family. I have also seen these games being played by some of my own relatives. Personally I myself am not interested in these games but it was really interesting to discover all the effects these games can have on individuals such as negative social and psychological impacts


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