Lingbo Li, Post 3

In terms of answering the question from this week tutorial presentation, ‘Do you think web marriage should be prohibited?’ my view is that this is a controversial topic as there are good and bad perspective towards it.

From the positive side, web marriage allows people to perform different roles in virtual world. Since no one knows who you really are, people can choose gender, identity and all other feature to play different roles as part of online society. Because it is all anonymous there is no need to worry about personal image or any other misgivings in the virtual world. Moreover, this kind of game can fulfils the psychological needs that could not be obtained in real life because of financial and social constraints. Especially for teenagers who curious about future family living, marriage game may well introduce them what and how to face their future particularly when there is a problem in occur.

On the other hand, online game is always criticised for wasting time and play with people’s mind. As been going often on the news, there are lots of innocent girls were killed or insulted by stranger known from online society. This may bought attention to online safety issue where personal identity is really hard to be recognized. Additionally, research found out that in visual marriage may cause actual marriage breakdown as people are too into virtual world and forget about reality. Living with theoretical live may cause people to create hallucinate and leads to real life consequences.

The following link is an example of online marriage adviser website, it advises people with marital conflicts and ways to store love. I found this is helpful to those who addicted to web marriage game players because this is another way to learn how to deal with marriage and it save the cost of legal advice to intermediary as well.


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