Bingjie Xu (z3325236)–Post 3

Based on course reader week 9 materials, CHINA’S SUPER GIRL: MOBILE YOUTH CULTURES AND NEW SEXUALITIES, I was more familiar with this issue in China. In terms of Super Girl, it is a singing TV Show from Hunan Channel, like American Idol or the Pop Idol in British. Li Yuchun (Chris Lee) is the winner of this show in 2005. Her attractive stage performance and unique voice give a good impression to all advisors, and make her very popular among young people. Approximately eight million mobile phone text messages voted in the finals.  Moreover, at that time, she was voted by Time Asia magazine as one of the ten most influential people in the region. Li Yuchun is a 21-year–old music student from the Sichuan Province in Chengdu. She is tall, slim, short haircut with fashion style, no make-up, and always wears loose jeans, big t-shirt, looks very cool, hence the majority of her fans are female. Li is a representation of Tomboy Idol in China.

As Li became popular, modern female style tend to change under her widely impact. Some Chinese female state Li has perfectly expressed another type of modern women’s style, and she represents some new female desires. In this contemporary society, everyone can show his/her personality and preference, there is no right or wrong, we can just be ourselves regardless of restrictions. However, in terms of this issue, most Chinese male hold quite different opinions. They think the traditional female style is much more acceptable. In their mind, woman with long hair, sweet smile, big eyes, wearing dress is more attractive to them.

On the other hand, the related department in China make some implicit response based on this phenomenon arisen after Li’s victory. They highlighted that although the diversified culture and styles become acceptable and are encouraged gradually, we still need to remain some basically traditional characteristics, in order to make the essential things clear enough, such as gender. If we discretionarily mix things together, or mismatch the features from different aspect, there will be very massy, and probably violate the traditional point of view, which is accepted by general public.

Thus, in my opinion, people definitely can pursue what they like by their heart, like Li Yuchun. Diversified styles bring our society new concepts and make it more energetic and fresher, but the only thing needs to be considered is that don’t do things too over, when you make innovation. If you turn a matter’s originality over thoroughly, you may get the opposite result to what you wish to be.


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