Ning Jing Nguyen (Jay Nguyen) (z3332661) – Blog Post 2

In regards to the topic of same-sex relations mentioned a few weeks ago, I thought I would just share an interesting piece of information that I picked up after a conversation with a friend who had grown up in Hong Kong and was quite knowledgeable on the situation of youth same-sex relations in their home city.

Unlike mainland China, homosexuals are more openly allowed to express their sexuality in Hong Kong (as opposed to China; it’s still not entirely open in Hong Kong from my knowledge). This small excerpt will focus on lesbian relationships. Much like tom-dee culture in Thailand, Hong Kong also has a similar system. My friend refers to the different types of lesbians as ‘tomboy-boy’, ‘tomboy-girl’ and ‘pure’.

This may seem like this implies that a ‘tomboy’ is simply a lesbian, and indeed this contrasts to my understanding of what a tomboy is while I grew up and went to school here in Sydney; that is, that of a girl that simply dresses like a male, tendency to hang around other males and partake in ‘male’ hobbies.

‘Tomboy-boy’ refers to usually androgynous females that often imitate the appearance of a boy; some features of these types include short hair, breast straps to flatten the bust, as well as a tendency to chase tomboy-girls. Their dress can be said to be heavily influenced by Li Yuchun’s style, former winner of Chinese TV show ‘Super Girl’.

The counterpart to a tomboy-boy is a ‘tomboy-girl’. They have feminine traits in many terms including dress, hair and makeup. They tend to chase after tomboy-boys.

A ‘pure’ can chase either a tomboy-boys, tomboy-girls or other pures. They also tend to have a feminine appearance.

Here’s a related article, with a picture of what my friend would classify as a ‘tomboy-boy’.

Just some interesting information that I thought I’d share that was related to the topic.


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