Wei Jiang (Chloe z3324864)—Reading Journal 2

 From reading the articles and materials about the Chinese youth sexual culture, which indicated that was a significant change from the past to now, and it will still continually changing in contemporary China. Furthermore, it also highlights and explains why those changes happened by introduce the tomboy idol, Yuchun Li, the winner of Super Girl 2005.

 In the past, Chinese female students dressed up like the boys, with short hair cut. Mr. Mao indicated any huge and kiss action between couples in the public would have very bad influence, like the enemy. However, Chinese young people are enjoying the night club and one-night stand. The adult shop sells sex toy exists in every corner of China. The western view on the reasons of causing Chinese sexual revolution was culture revolution of China and ‘one child policy’. It illustrated the Cultural Revolution of China oppressed the Chinese view on sexual, which being the foundation of sexual liberation in the future. In addition, ‘one child policy’ affected Chinese women disengaged from the heavy work of having many babies and take care of the large family, gain more time and energy to enjoy their lives, therefore leading Chinese female became the major nucleus of the sexual revolution.

 China Super Girl is the most successful program in the history of Chinese television, which is a kind of singing contest. During the final of 2005, the amount of audiences came to more than four hundred million to watch the show. This highlighted how big the influence was on Chinese young girls. The winner of 2005 was Yuchun Li with no make-up, short hair and flat chest, singing the songs wrote specially for male singer. As a self-confessed tomboy, Li has unshared in the ‘era of androgyny’ in Chinese popular culture. In addition, Li dressed up in a recognizably male costume on the stage, and she maintains her persona by wearing men’s T-shirts, shoes and pants off stage, reflects of female masculinity. This became a symbol of rebellion and being the fashion among Chinese youths. Furthermore, the current young Chinese women see Li as a role model and identify with her because Li is selecting for being herself, defying traditional Chinese femininity.

 More over, another important term in this issue is ‘mobile sexuality’, which could be defined as changeable between male and female different sexuality. For example, the cross-dressing photo center, customers could dress up in his/her opposite sex. One major cause should be the ‘one child policy’, Chinese government applied ‘one child policy’ to control the population. Chinese traditional thought is biasing for boys, which leads that much more men than women, most of the men would not find a wife and have a family. Furthermore, due to the Chinese youth are tend to find a way to embrace individuality, to present ‘cool’ and ‘hooligans’, in order to challenge traditional masculinity and femininity, that could be the reason why Yuchun Li as a tomboy idol is raising a new gender role of androgyny not only in China but also in pan-Asian media cultures.

 To concluse, from the western view, that Culture revolution of China and ‘one child policy’ cause the Chinese sexual revolution. Furthermore, Chinese government starts the sexual much more early than before and pay more attention on it should be another reason. More over, Yuchun Li as a tomboy idol raising the new popular gender culture among the Chinese youth, being rebellion, representing cool and hooligans, challenge traditional Chinese culture on masculinity and femininity leading to a new generation of Chinese youth sexuality culture.


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