Anqi Wu z3325285 Post 4

India government controls the medium, so the country can modifies the content to broadcast to the public, in order to present the good image of the country. The religious soap opera is a tool that to create the “contemporary Indian cultural.”

The earliest television system in India was used to educate “schoolchildren and farmers.” After 30 years development, the television broadcasted entertainment programs as well and attracted the private sponsors to invest in the advertisement business. The investment led the files, religious soap opera and the other genres to appear in the television, then, the operas became a critical part in Indian popular culture.

The soap operas in India are produced as many episodes and have no a true ending of each episodes until the end of the story. The operas turned many actors and actresses who present fluently in TV to be famous, in addition, the sections which are repeated all the time to be the well-known one. They even had a specific rule to choose the actors and actresses to play the famous roles in the shows. The serials with the certain credits set up a limit for the stories, so the stories will not beyond “a Hindu India.” The serials with the same theme created a very strong image in people’s minds.

Everything shows in the television was chosen in purpose, so the programs could build a intense image related to the Indian religion. The location and the dresses that present in the stories were chosen as the conventional Indian dresses. The costumes of the main roles were designed base on the traditional North Indian, the place was considered as “the birthplace of other prominent Indian religious personalities.” The language that was used in the programs is a specific type of Hindi that represents the area of Krishna’s playground. The music also created base on the Indian religious song to establish the relationship between the serials and religion. Plus, the dance was not surprisingly used the Hindu temple dances. All the content of the serials were linked to the religion in order to emphasis it to the audience.

The image that shows in the religious soap operas is based on the major religious and cultural practices in India. The first result of the image is the other religions that not from India will only be the minor one. In addition, more and more people will tend to follow the fundamentalism. The television made the Hindu practices as a major religion by shaping the popular culture. The Hindu language that mainly use in soap operas strengthens the idea that Hindi is Indian national language, the link between the language and region is no longer disconnect.

The religious soap operas were only presented in a short time, the National Network still dominates most of the time. Moreover, the foreign programs brought the challenges to the soap operas and its importance reduced. The Hindu rightist parties supposed to reconsider the strategy of election, instead of using the stars from the soap operas, or they will not that successful as the past.


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