Yiting Dong – Post3

Cuteness can be seen everywhere in Japan. It can be defined as lovable, adorable and represented as soft, round, tiny. Many companies used lovely mascots to buy and sell goods and provide customer service. For examples, Resona Bank, one Japan’s largest banks decorated ATMs with the image of the white rabbit, Miffy. The various lovely images have also been applied to the postal system. The lovely image has penetrated into various fields in Japan.

Japanese pursue cuteness can be understood as Japan’s unique aesthetic and social cultural. Traditional Japanese aesthetics advocate humility, delication and childlike innocence. Cute clothing and decorations shape was compact, simple designed, soft colors, and they happen to be the best interpretations of the traditional Japanese aesthetic concept.

Advocating lovely social tendencies in Japan has at least been going on for 20 years, and this trend still does seem to stop yet. Cuteness has been integrated into the modern culture of Japan. In recent years, Japanese young women frequently use the word “Kawaii”. In addition to it has original meaning which is  “small and worthy of love” there are also meanings like “good” and “like”. It also can be expressed in a particular object of various media such as animation or game dumping persistent feelings. Girls often make almost stupid moves, preferences screaming or pouting, often angry stomping to express their cuteness. Japanese women like to be surrounded by lovely things, eager to become cute, is not unrelated to the concept of “patriarchal” still exists in Japanese society. Lovely women tended to look weak and helpless, which can produce a huge contrast with the muscular and dominant male figure.


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