Bingjie Xu (z3325236)–Post 4

Based on the week 11 lecture materials—“convergence of cosplay and cuteness” and the content of in tutorial presentation in week 12, I know more about cute things in Japan and enjoy seeing a lot of very cute images, such as Hello Kitty, Angry Bird shown in the class. As we know, Japanese food is popular throughout the world, due to they have both attractive appearance and delicious taste. While, the most impressive part to me in the presentation is the video about how to make Bento in cartoon characters’ appearance. To be honest, it is not that hard to make, but every step is fully creative, the whole processes are so amazing that I’m very interested in it. I wish I could make it by myself someday. Afterwards, some public signs with cute images were displayed in the tutorial. Even a clinic in Japan has a big pink Hello Kitty beside the door. However, a question was arose from this phenomenon, which is “do the cute elements have negative or positive impact on a company?”

In my point of view, to say negative or positive impact mainly depends on the type of company. If the company’s image is traditionally formal, for instance, commercial bank, accounting firm, a cartoon character showing up at obvious place is definitely unacceptable by public, in that it doesn’t match the company’s position and image in society. It may lead to decrease the level of company, even lose competitiveness among competitors. Nevertheless, if company adds cute elements to some small aspect, such as a Hello Kitty image printed on the bankcard, it may have different effect. To do this could make the bank look more approaching to the customers, and make the cards more lively and attractive, especially attract some young people to use them. Therefore, incorporating cute elements to a company have two-sided effects, depending on which facet it apply to– a small group of products or the crucial part which can influence company’s image or position.

On the other hand, if the company’s products are casual style and close to customer’s daily life, such as toy manufacture company, game research company or the firms related to cartoon, incorporating cute elements may have positive effect. Because the cute elements relatively match the company’s image, and it’s better to express company itself. Adding cute elements on the aspects of such kind of companies may help them to attract more customers and achieve higher objectives. 


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