Wei Jiang— Post 3

‘Cuteness in Japan’ is a very interesting topic, cuteness is term of word to describe something in round shape, soft and tiny. As spread knowledge stated that Japan as a fashion country full of cuteness stuff, including clothes, food, toys. ‘Kawaii’ is the word of cuteness in Japanese. On the street, girls like shutting ‘kawaii, kawaii’ when they are seeing some very cute, like a new type of food, a lovely toy or clothes. Not the Japanese like kawaii stuff but also the majority of youth especially girls prefer cuteness things worldwide.

Japan is the home country of ‘Hello Kitty’ that is a lovely toy cat, which could be the symbol of cuteness. Now, it is a ‘Hello Kitty’ shop in Japan with pink color background, selling anything related with ‘Hello Kitty’ includes soft toy, stationary, sticks, clothes, accessions and more. That shop would be attractive to each girl who loves ‘Hello Kitty’. During the recession of economy, the cuteness stuff might leads an increasing in the sales, has positive impact to the economy.

More over, the cuteness not only in the shop in Japan it also appears in Japanese daily life, such as Bento box, which means the single-portion takeout or home-packed meal. It is a kind of lunch box usually made by female for their children, boyfriends and husbands. Japanese like adding cuteness element into the Bento, made the red sausages into little octopus, and put the simple rice into models to make little cute cartoon person, to make the Bento box more funny and colorful, in order to attract people to enjoy the lunch.

Furthermore, cute element is also appears in some official situation. For example, Tokyo police put a cute fish on to a road notice without any meaning. There are some arguments for and against this behavior. Some support points illustrated that cute fish influence the drivers have happiness mind, to help them relax. On the other hand, there are some against view says the road notice as the government published should be official and formal, it is not an advertisement. Finally, although there are many different sounds about this issue, however we could see that Japan is a country full of cute elements in the daily life.


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