Wei Jiang (z3324864 Chloe)— Post 4

The culture on Chinese youth sexual has been changed significantly. In the past, especially during Mao period, holding hands and hugging in the public place were been prohibited, counted as a kind of crime. There was no any adult shop in China. However, in the Modern times, the amounts of adult shops in Beijing are more than in New York. Chinese are free to enter the adult shop in every corner of China. Furthermore, Chinese youth enjoy the night club life, drinking, chatting among friends. In addition, a survey highlighted that the number of having one-night standard among Chinese youth have been increased dramatically. The generation of Chinese sexual culture happened due to the Great Culture of China, and the ‘one child’ policy.

More over, Yuchun Li as a popular idol among Chinese youth, who is a female has the tomboy identity not only on stage performance but also in her daily life. Youth like Li because Li braves to challenge the Chinese tradition, to display her personality, just being herself. This characteristic would be the fashion among Chinese youth.

Move over, getting marriage on the online games being another popular factor among Chinese youth. Because people have no duty to this marriage, they could divorce immediately after getting marriage if they do not want be together. And the game has no limitation on this at all. Youth could enjoy another type of life during the online game, doing the thing they could not do in the daily life, to satisfy themselves.

In conclusion, the Chinese youth culture would continue changing in this contemporary China. However, the government should regulate on the sexual education of youth.


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