Jeremy Leung – Post 4

From this week’s reading on Indionesian popular culture one point that really stood out to me was the fact these shadow plays face the danger of being lost within the modern culture. This would potentially be caused by three main factors including the schoolhouse, lightbulb and the motorbike. Each of these factors would lead to certain changes in the community which could essentially lead to the decline of these shadow plays. Education meant higher literacy rates which would essentially expand the possibilities for children in terms of entertainment and education. Electricity meant alternate forms of entertainment would be available such as television and finally they might choose to spend their disposable income on transportation such as a motorbike.

This idea of cultural traditions being pushed aside due to changing technologies and improvements in society is quite unfortunate. It sad to think that the future generations may not be exposed to certain elements of a culture and therefore I think we should always hold onto those important elements that exist within our own culture.


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